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Making HeartLand

                                                                                                                    -- Cathie Malach

It started when friend, guitarist and producer Ken McGloin wouldn't leave me alone, and thank goodness. I'd been collaborating on other musicians' projects for decades, he told me; why wasn't I making an album of my own? Then on a visit to Indiana (where I'm now living) from Woodstock, New York (where I'd lived on and off for years), my best friend Chris White hinted at the same question, as she had done for years. And as we sat on her deck overlooking Big Walnut Creek in the midst of a storm, it hit me: There is always the possibility of music. I was about to turn sixty. And the time was now. 

The Kickstarter campaign was a rousing success (thank you, Babs Mansfield!) and things began to fall into place. I worked preliminarily with Ken, and ultimately brought the brilliant JJ Beck on board as producer. I continued to compose and began recording at JJ's Akin Studio in Hoosick Falls, New York. I found a kindred in sprit in JJ. Our connection became the container that allowed the music to evolve as it did, and his skill and sensitivity touched every aspect of the album. 

During this time of great opening, I simultaneously experienced a great deal of loss. My close friend Richard Bachrach died in February, then my dear father Monte Malach (a renowned cardiologist) died in March. As I traveled from bedside to memorial, from grief to gratitude, the music continued to show me the way.

I'm forever grateful to Chris White, who generously gave her time, unequivocal talent, and faithful support through every stage of this project. And my deepest thanks to my family, friends, and loyal Kickstarter supporters for making this album a reality. 

HeartLand Players and Collaborators

Cathie Malach (composer, co-producer, piano, keyboards)

“There is so much chaos in the world now, sometimes it's hard to face it all. I created HeartLand to honor my own deep yearning to make music that provides some respite from that chaos while also inspiring passion. It's a 9-song expedition, a journey from place to place in the land of the heart, where we can extend a hand to whatever we encounter--joy, love, surrender, or heartbreak--in the spirit of self-love and compassion.”                   -- Cathie Malach

JJ Beck (producer, recording engineer, drums and percussion, additional keyboards)

JJ Beck is a pianist, composer and studio engineer and producer who has been active in studios from Manhattan to Vermont for over 13 years. JJ has worked with a diverse range of clients ranging from Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields, Psych-Folk outfit Horse's Mouth, NYC's Old Robes and many others. For inquiries: jjasonbeck@gmail.com

Matt Scott (bass)

Matt Scott is a vocalist, bass player, songwriter and engineer/producer. He's the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the Nektones, and bass player/vocalist with an ever-evolving cast of bands including Beard & Glasses. Matt has produced and engineered with and for clients including Madeleine Grace, Dr. Quandary, and under his hip-hop/soul moniker Elder Orange. For inquiries: matthew.louis.scott@gmail.com

Chris White (project manager, additional production, vocals)

Chris White is a musician (vocalist, writer, and producer with Flesh and Bone and Peter Kater) and award-winning playwright and screenwriter. Her 2018 debut novel The Life List of Adrian Mandrick  was favorably reviewed by The New York Times Book Review and others. Visit her website at chriswhitewriter.com

Heather Sommerlad (violin)

Heather Sommerlad is a multifaceted musician, music educator, and seasoned performer. She earned a degree in music performance from Bennington College and has released four albums: Her Majesty's Ship (2011), The Efflorescence of Castles (2014), Hummingbirds and Hearthstones (2016) and in 2018 under the Subtle Soup banner, Just Before the Dawn. People can connect with her on instagram (@hmsommerlad), or at heathersommerladmusic@gmail.com

Eric Edberg (cello)

Eric Edberg is a classical innovator, a joyful improvisor with a deeply rooted love of tradition, and a world-traveling performer based in a close-knit community. He is a passionate teacher, an inspired cellist, and an empowering workshop leader. Check out his website www.ericedberg.com or email him at eric@ericedberg.com 

Theresa Carper (artwork and graphic design)

San Francisco-based creative and tech writer. She loves comedy, writing, video production and art. She detoxes from her day job by running, biking, and designing artwork like HeartLand. Theresa says you can send her leads, but only if they're as perceptive and gracious as Cathie. Contact her at theresajcarper@gmail.com