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Emotionally dynamic and revelatory compositions. Evocative, memorable melodies. Sensitive, heartfelt, exuberant.

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About Cathie

The Journey to HeartLand

On the way to creating her debut album HeartLand, Cathie Malach performed in concert venues, clubs, recording studios, and transformative workshop settings, thriving in diverse musical genres, from new age to rock to folk. She composed, arranged and recorded albums with poet and lyricist Kim Rosen (including Delphys: Ocean Born and Naked Waters, on which she sang lead vocals); composed and recorded scores for short film; and collaborated with such artists as Peter Kater, Chris White, Paul McCandless, Larry Thompson, Amy Fradon, Leslie Ritter, and David Darling. 

The Sound

As pianist and composer, Cathie is known and loved for her emotionally dynamic and revelatory compositions; evocative, memorable melodies; and sensitive keyboard work that is at turns lush, sparse, percussive and exuberant. She's as delighted to be immersed in contemplative solo piano as she is backed up by bass and drums, violin and cello—echoing influences from Liz Story, Keith Jarrett, Bruce Hornsby and Ludivico Einuadi.

Music to Heal

Born of improvisation and deep inner exploration, Cathie's music has been used for visualization, albums for meditation and healing, and transformational retreats. She's also lent her time and talents to numerous charitable organizations, religious and spiritual ceremonies and services, and individual work with the dying. Her song “Be Still and Know” has become a sort of anthem for the International Pathwork Foundation.

Over the Years

There was always a piano in Cathie’s family home in Flatbush, Brooklyn. At the age of five, she began playing by ear and never stopped. Thriving in theatre, music and sports at Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn Heights, she then attended the University of Miami, majoring in theatre and communications, composing music for university events. She finished her education at Hofstra University with a degree in Recreation Therapy. 

Cathie continued playing in rock bands, singer/songwriter groups, and new age ensembles, while developing her own music and working on studio projects. A thriving massage therapy practice blossomed alongside it all. The bodywork inspires in Cathie a similar impulse as her music, as she holds the space for her clients’ emotions, losses, and aspirations, midwifing their emotional and physical journeys.  

Recording with cellist Eric Edberg

With vocalist Chris White and producer Peter Kater

With poet/lyricist Kim Rosen

With multi-instrumentalist Paul McCandless

With drummer Larry Thompson


First gig

First piano